Meet the Doctor

About Dr. Schmit 


Dr. Edward Schmit was born and raised in Jay County. When he was 19 years old, he was in nursing school and injured himself lifting a patient.

He had heard about all the rumor and half truths of chiropractic and was very cautious about trying something different. After the painkillers didn’t work and he was tired of suffering, he listened to his family and went to a chiropractor.

He had no idea what a chiropractor did or even how it could help his neck pain and headaches. He just knew that he couldn’t live with the pain anymore.

After a few adjustments, Dr. Schmit was feeling great and telling everyone about this great healing profession.

In fact, he felt so strongly about it that he decided to stop his nursing training and enrolled in chiropractic college.

After he graduated, he went back to Jay County and has practiced there since 2001. Dr. Schmit is excited to be able to help the people of the Jay County area regain and maintain their health.